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3 Questions to Ask to Determine the Right Tint For Your Car Windows

Auto window tint adds a lot to your vehicle, comfort, style and safety. If you’re thinking about installing a tinted film on your car, you have many different options. Here are three questions to ask to find the right style.

What Does the Law Allow?

Tinting laws vary across the nation. Every state has its own laws concerning window tint. Front, back and side windows may be allowed to be tinted at different levels. Darker tints conceal suspicious activity, which is why some states ban high levels of tint.

Why Do You Want Tinted Windows?

Tinted windows reduce glare, block heat and UV rays and increase privacy. If you’re just trying to block heat and UV rays, you may not need a dark film. Many light tints effectively reduce the heat in your car and protect passengers from the sun’s rays. If you want more privacy, you may want a darker tint.

What’s Your Style?

The darker the tint, the sleeker and trendier your car looks. If you prefer a classic style car, you won’t want to tint your windows very much.

Talk to an Expert

Of course, you’ll also want to consider your own budget. An expert window technician can help you determine which shade of tint will fit your needs and style.


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