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How Windshields for Cars Are Made

Have you ever wondered how companies make windshields for cars? Windshields are much stronger than your typical glass, and they have to be. When you travel at speeds in excess of 60mph on a regular basis, your windshield needs to withstand the high pressure, as well as minor debris you will likely encounter on the roadway. Here’s how windshields for most cars are made.

Windshield Materials

Most windshields are made from a special glass that contains soda ash, silica fine sand, limestone, dolomite and cullet. Some may also use aluminum oxide and potassium oxide in very minute amounts. Silica by itself comprises up to 70% of the entire glass pane.

How a Windshield Is Created

Once the glass formula has been created, the mixture is sent through a float chamber, which is made from a narrow plate of molten tin. The glass floats on the tin, then travels to another chamber where it is annealed (which means it is slowly cooled). It is then formed, cut and shaped into a windshield with the help of a cast.

Next, the windshield goes through a lamination process, which fuses two pieces of tempered glass together with a thin sheet of poly-vinyl butyral in-between. The final slab looks like a single sheet of glass, though it is in fact composed of three separate pieces.

If your car’s windshield is ever compromised, it’s important to repair or replace it as needed. Driving with a damaged windshield is unsafe to you and other drivers.


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