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Caring for a Newly Installed Windshield

There’s nothing quite like the flawless finish of a new car windshield. If you’ve just had yours replaced, there are some very important rules to keep in mind to protect your vehicle while it fully cures. The moment your technician finishes the job, make sure you check these critical items off your list. Otherwise, you could be looking at a leaky, uneven windshield that requires further repair.

Roll Your Windows Down

Your car doors and windows are designed to create an air tight seal in your vehicle. This allows you to maintain a desired internal temperature and also keeps precipitation from making its way inside. In some cars, especially newer models, the seals are so tight and efficient that they can actually pressurize the air inside. This force can cause your windshield to shift as it sets, ultimately leading to leaks. Therefore, it’s necessary to roll down one window at least a quarter of an inch for the first day after installation.

Protect Your Car from Debris and Water

Ideally, you should keep your car dry for the next two or three days, so store it in a garage if possible or cover it with a tarp if rain is expected. Avoid washing it altogether during this time. Also, you may want to consider alternative parking or driving routes to protect it from potential impacts as it sets.

With the proper follow-up care, you can enjoy the beauty and function of a new windshield. Take the right steps to protect your installation for the best results.


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